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Introduction to hill walking course

Keen to begin hillwalking but not sure where to start? This short course, an introduction to hillwalking, is designed to meet the needs of those wanting a good introduction to the skills, equipment and techniques required to safely hike in the hills of Ireland. Join the adventure.

About our introduction to hillwalking course

This introductory course is not intended as a substitute for a Mountain Skills course, it does not go into navigation in the same detail. It is, however, ideal for giving confidence to those who wish to start hillwalking.

On this course we offer the following:
Three evenings of skills teaching in central Dublin, (6.00pm – 8.00pm, Basecamp, Abbey Street), in which we cover:

  • Evening 1 (05/04/2018) – Personal equipment; mountain hazards.
  • Evening 2 (12/04/2018) – Introduction to map reading and basic navigation techniques.
  • Evening 3 (19/04/2018)– Further navigation; contour interpretation and route planning.

Plus two guided hikes of your choice, taken from our hiking program.

Discounts available for group bookings of three or more people.

LOCATION Wicklow mountains & Dublin
DURATION 2 weekend day hikes and 3 evenings
WHAT TO BRING  For the day hikes: Good waterproof boots and waterproof clothing are essential. Walking trousers are advised or comfortable athletic clothing, (no jeans please); spare warm layer; hat and gloves; lunch and/or snacks; water or juice drink, (1.5 litres); small rucksack to carry it all in.
3 evenings of skills teaching in Dublin city centre location.
Professional mountain leader with first aid certification and full insurance.
2 day hikes of your choice, taken from our scheduled itinerary.
Specialist hiking clothing.
Food and drink.

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