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Mountain Skills 2

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Official MS2 course – (Hard)

To participate in Mountain Skills course 2 you should have a reasonable level of fitness with previous hillwalking experience.

Our instructors are fully qualified Mountain Leaders with REC first aid certificates. We are accredited by Mountaineering Ireland to provide Mountain Skills courses.

About Mountain Skills 2 course (MS2)

Our Mountain Skills 2 course runs over two consecutive days, usually at weekends, and includes a night navigation exercise of approx. 3 hours duration. They are predominantly run in the Wicklow mountains. It is strongly advised that you complete Mountain Skills 1 before participating in this course, as it builds on the skills acquired in MS1.

This Mountain Skills Course covers the following topics:

Consolidation of topics covered in MS1
The use of a compass in navigation
Emergency procedures
Night navigation/poor visibility exercise
Movement on steep and broken ground

See the full syllabus below or click here

“Hillwalking, climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.” Mountaineering Ireland Participation Statement


We work on a maximum ratio of 1 instructor to 6 clients. Discounts may be available for group bookings of 4 persons or more – please Get in touch

LOCATION Wicklow mountains (but can be other locations in Ireland on request)
DURATION 2 days – times vary but approx 09.00 to 21.00 on day 1 and 10.00 to 16.00 on day 2
PRE-REQUISITES Must have some previous hillwalking experience and completion of Mountain Skills 1 is strongly advised
WHAT TO BRING  Hiking boots and waterproof clothing are essential; hiking trousers are advised, (no jeans please); head-torch (essential); spare warm layer; hat and gloves; lunch and/or snacks; water or juice drink, (1.5 litres); small rucksack to carry it all in.
Transport is available from Dublin for this course. Please contact us for more details.
Maps and compasses provided if required.
Professional mountain leader with first aid certification and full insurance.
Comprehensive course notes.

Mountain Skills 2 Full syllabus


  • Analysis of students’ hillwalking activity since MS1.
  • Introduce the weekend programme.

 Emergency Procedures – Part 1. Mountain Hypothermia

To create an awareness of the concept of mountain hypothermia.

  • Physiology.
  • Causes – environmental, individual.
  • Signs and symptoms.
  • Treatment – early, ongoing.
  • Prevention.
  • Other common ailments: sprains, blisters, fatigue, etc.

 Introduction to Compass

To introduce the use of the compass in hillwalking.

  • Compass points – cardinal points, 360 degree system.
  • North – true, grid, magnetic.
  • The concept of a bearing.
  • Measuring bearings from a map by estimation, protractor.
  • Theory of a Silva-type compass; taking bearings from a map.
  • Grid and magnetic bearings.
  • Walking on a bearing

Hill Walk

To develop map-reading skills, the concept of timing, and to practice the compass theory introduced earlier.

  • General map-reading, setting map by features.
  • Setting map by compass.
  • Timing calculations.
  • Taking bearings from map.
  • Walking on bearings.
  • Back-bearing.
  • Feature recognition – close, distant
  • Navigational techniques – attack points, aiming off, simple resection.

 Route Planning

To explore and illustrate the principles of route planning from maps.

  • The selection of walking routes from the map – in good/poor weather.
  • Difficulties associated with steep ground, forestry, rivers, etc.
  • Bad weather alternatives, escape routes.
  • Use of route card.
  • Various designs of route card.
  • Preparation of route card.
  • Use of guidebooks in route planning.

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Mountain Skills 2 course