Hikes Beyond Wicklow

Guided day hikes in Ireland, outside of the Wicklow hills

For hikes in the famous Wicklow Hills or Dublin Mountains see 'Wicklow day hikes'

Ireland boasts a number of other hills and mountain ranges to explore, often very different in character and form, reflecting its geological diversity. A number of these are accessible from Dublin as a day hike, and we have the very best of them here.

The Mournes and Carlingford mountains lie on the northeast coast, bisected by the beautiful Carlingford Lough. Both these day hikes are graded hard, reflecting their tougher nature, but still well within the abilities of a reasonably fit hiker.

The Slieve Blooms are a more gentle proposition, nestled in the midlands of Ireland, they offer a lovely day out with babbling streams, forest tracks and an easy angled ridge walk at the moderate grade.

Howth Head lies just to the north of Dublin, and is a lovely coastal cliff walk on a good path, with plenty of wildflowers and seabirds on show. We finish the day with a refreshing drink in the beautiful harbour and fishing village. This hike, though not short, is graded as easy.

The hiking grades are explained in detail in our FAQ section.

These itineraries offer the opportunity to travel well beyond the Dublin area, but still get back into town in time for an evening meal.

Slieve Foye and Carlingford Mountain guided day hike

This hike, beginning in a quaint seaside village, takes in the highest peak in County Louth, Slieve Foye, and offers spectacular views across Irish countryside. About Carlingford Mountain guided day hike in Ireland
Cooley Mountains

Galtymore and the Cushnabinnia Horseshoe

The superb mountain range known as the Galty's has at its heart the imposing peak of Galtymore, one of the thirteen 3,000 ft mountains in Ireland.  About Galtymore and the Cushnabinnia Horseshoe.
Galty Mountains

Slieve Bloom Hills guided day hike

These rarely visited hills are home to a plethora of rare and unusual plants, birds and mammals. Away from the more popular tourist spots, a guided hike in the Slieve Bloom
Slieve Bloom Hills

Mourne Mountains

The highest mountain in Northern Ireland, and if that's not enough, the second highest too!  About the Mourne Mountains guided hike An opportunity to climb the highest mountain in Northern Ireland,
The Mournes