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Djouce, War Hill, (Liffey Head Bog) & Tonduff

Wicklow Mountains

Quick Details

Person Minimum age 13 yrs accompanied by an adult.

About Tonduff Djouce Mountain Hike

This tough hike packs a lot of interest into one day. Climb the iconic Djouce mountain, see the highest waterfall in Ireland, follow part of the Wicklow Way, take lunch under the Coffin Stone, and walk on the best example of an actively growing blanket bog, with its unique flora, to be seen in the east of Ireland.

This hike starts in the plantation of Crone Woods, we follow the Wicklow Way up through the trees to a balcony path from where we get great views of Powerscourt waterfall, the tallest in Ireland. Our route follows the Wicklow Way around the flanks of Djouce before ascending the mountain from the less steep southern ridge. This is our high point for the day, at 733 metres, and gives wonderful all round views of the mountains and the coast.

From here we head down on a rough mountain path to take lunch at the Coffin Stone. After dropping down to the col we make our way through some awkward and challenging peat hags to reach the summit of War Hill.

Descending again we reach Liffey Head bog, the only remaining upland raised bog in the east of Ireland, here we will find the unique flora that typifies this habitat. Our route now takes us uphill again, to Tonduff, before we descend for the last time, through heather moorland heath and conifer plantation.

Please note this hike is on rough mountain hillside that includes rocky sections and wet slippery ground. It is essential that you wear appropriate mountain footwear, especially in the wetter months of the year. You may be turned away by the guide if you arrive in runners.


  • Good waterproof boots and waterproof clothing are essential (without these you may be excluded from the hike).
  • Walking trousers are advised or comfortable athletic clothing (no jeans please).
  • Spare warm layer; hat and gloves.
  • Lunch and/or snacks; water or juice drink, (1.5 litres); small rucksack to carry it all in.
  • Walking poles are optional.